Modeling Sky and Sun

Hi all,
I develope an Simple Flight Simulator with OpenGL. But it doesnt have sky and sun. I want your advise and seggestion to make a sun and sky (Objects in infinite distance).
Is there any good source to do this feature?

Thanks a lot.

i use a sky texture and mapped it in a skybox or skydome…

You could use a sky dome together with a skybox and billboard you sun…

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I use a Sky Dome in my app and it looks realy
nice. Map a cloud texture onto a sphere and
draw it without depth testing (glDepthMask), so your terrain is not cutted by the sphere. I use 2 blended (gl_src_alpha,gl_one_minus_src_alpha) spheres which rotate counterwise around the Y axis, so it looks like real cloud motions.

But i think you would like to fly through the clouds, draw the sphere without cloud textures, just with gradients of the sky and then draw cloud layers with transparency.

--------- skydome
/ \
/…\ cloudlayer
---------------\ terrain

Check out, they have good tips for modelling sky & clouds.

How good of a sky are you looking for. You can set up clouds using noise. And animat them. Look in the book gama programming gems or go to and search in the forums for sky box there is one artical i have seen and it show how one person made a realtime skymap that looks as good as the skys in a full feature film hope that helps

Yes thats all good but what you what is a skydome with a good texture that is seamless and then offset the texture(animate) looks real cool.