Model of the United States, political map?

I’m currently working on a project in which I’m going to be mapping certain things out on a map of the united states. Does anyone have any archived models of maps of the united states, either 2D or even soom cool 3d views? Preferably it sould be accurate and mapped out according to longitude/latitude and also contain extra information such as political borders between the states and such. If not I’m going to be stuck mapping out the US, and I’d rather not have to bother the Geographers in another department to help me. The more accurate the better.

Thanks in advance.

I’ve got some somewhere…I’ll have a look:
also: try getting hold of Compton’s (3D) World Atlas: it’s a damned fine program for getting maps, although there’s probably some sort of copyright on 'em

So, would that be North+South America, etc. or what? Also, which format?

>>So, would that be North+South America, etc. or what? Also, which format?

Actually it’s just the continental United States that I’m interested in. Most preferably I’d like just a list of latitude and longitudinal coordinates and then handle the transformations to an x/y plane myself (as the points that I’ll later plot on the map will be input from lat/long coordinates, not directly with x/y coordinates). Its not that I can’t go through and plot them myself its just that its a bunch of busy work. Oh, and I don’t really want an acurrate map that uses spherical geometry, otherwise the tranformation on my plot points would be too complicated (unless of course the map comes with an easy to use translation matrix FOR me ), as such I’m really only looking for a political projection map, though it will be somewhat distorted, with all the borders of the states dilineated.

I know this is rather specific, but I’ll take what I can get, even if its not perfect I can always at least build off of it myself. Thanks for your help if you can find it.