Model Loading - Which is better?

Simple question. Which file format is better for loading and animating complex 3d models. Quake 2 and/or 3, MilkShape3D, trueSpace, etc. And where is some information so I can start loading models?

Sorry wolf i dont have answer but i would like to add to ur question lets say i can load my 3d Q3 characters. How can i make my own.

Well Running_Wolf,If you don’t want to write your own file format then I would seriously suggest you use the MilkShape3D file format.It imports all the other file formats you specified and more! The MS3D file format is also really easy to read and you should be able to write your own MS3D file loading routine in no time at all And besides,MilkShape is really cheap too.You can grab it at:

Really cool stuff there.And if you have any problems,then you can get on their message board and ask there

ZeeBoy: I also suggest you get a copy of Milkshape3D.You can create your own Q3 models there and export them to the Q3 file format.Just follow the link I posted above.Hope that helps.

TheGecko: Thanks for the help. I have heard of MilkShape3D before. There is a tutorial for it at NeHe Productions. But I need animation. How do I load the animation data?

Milkshape3D supports bone animation. There are tutorials at the above site too.