model file format - directx vs opengl

hi everyone…
first of all… i’m a newbie bla bla…

ok, in the past few days, i have done research and research about what type of file format to use, or to create my own, i just have this nice model made in 3dstudio max animated with bones, and i just can’t put it to work good in opengl because of a decente file format, since i’m a begginer… do i really have to try to read ascii file only with some frames separately and then call it back wich one i want on the screen? in directX this is so much more simple since to start we just grab that .X format and go forward using some functions to read it.
i really want to get this on ogl… but my C++ code is still a “beginner” too… and i’m not able to read a 3d binary format file.

just to start with something…
any ideias? any links? any ‘path’ to where to go? any body out there?


It’s not exactly what you are searching for, but the program “3D Exploration” from “X Dimension Software” (don’t know the link) can read many 3D file formats and is able to write the models as C-code for OpenGL (generates a display list). You won’t have animation, but it could be OK for the beginning.

I know the problem behind this. fact is: in OpenGL it´s not possible to store models with all the stuff: vertex, textures and so on… As you said, there is a way in DirectX to do this, using the .X-Format, tha is correct, but you have no chance to do this in OGL in a similiar way. If i were you, i would write my own 3DS or MAX loading-routine. I have written my own 3ds-loader for my engine and it works great. A format description of the MAX-format is not available, i think - this means i didn´t find it until yet! Interested in 3DS-fileinfo, write an email to me.


RIGHT, as Marc said, try to find the 3DExplorer - i know this tool, and i must say it is really good: it can export and import several file formats.


You might want to try the polytrans demo from
Polytrans. Its only a demo but is really good.

if your looking for 3DS specifications (also a lot of other 3d formats)