Model Animation with OpenGL

Hey guys,
Im at a point where i’d like to know more about Model Animation in OpenGL, i’ve been searching the net and can’t seem to find much info on this subject…

Can someone share what model format is usually used with animated models or pehaps some links to tutorials - any help would be most appriciated. :slight_smile:

The books More OpenGL Game Programming & OpenGL Game Programming have a section about this topic.
Also you can animate your objects with cal3d:

See Cal3d FAQ here:

And more important, you shuld read this FAQ:

Can I use Cal3D with OpenGL / Direct3D / etc?

 Cal3D is designed to be independent of any graphics API such as OpenGL or DirectX. While this makes Cal3D more flexible, it does put a little more work on the users.
  We have several examples of our miniviewer application that can show you how to use Cal3D with various graphics APIs such as OpenGL, Direct 3D, or even shader languages.
  Keep in mind that these examples only show one way how to do it; you are free to develop your own methods and techniques specific to your application.  


Wow thats exacly what i was looking for thank you so much Ehsan

You’re welcom. Note that you will see some amazing features in cal3D.
Here’s cal3D user’s guide:
Here’s Cal3D reference:
Here’s Cal3D msg board: