Mobility Radeon 9000 [S.O.S]

I have Mobility Radeon 9000 on my Acer Aspire 1600 laptop.
I got video drivers from but they are buggy…games like Diablo II or Mu Online runs on 8 fps… CS 5 fps…I use DX 9.0b much tweak tools to make vertex,pixel shaders able because my drivers does not have vertex,pixel shadersi need OGL because any drivers from does not fit for my laptop and my laptop manufacuer site does not release new drivers

So to sum up:
Need OGL for Mobility Radeon 9000
Need new Mobility Radeon 9000 drivers
Need help increasing FPS.

I can’t do any 3DMARK tests…
on GAME3 my pc just reboots
and GAME2 average FPS is 4.2fps
GAME1 8.2fps… :rolleyes:
Fps drops when i see more models (More planes appear)When i see 1 plane it does not lag much… :confused:

You should try the omega drivers at these are modified ATI drivers that will also install on the mobility Radeons.

About the low FPS, it would help to know what games you are talking about and in which display resolution you play them.

im talking about Mu Online (
and i tryed all resolutions it still lags…


So did you try the omegadrivers? Did they help?

-GAME1 equals Mu Online?
-Which games are GAME2 and GAME3 then?
-Why cant you run 3DMark01 or 3DMark03?

When you open the task manager, whats the average CPU utilization when you do nothing?

Game1 = Game Demo #1 in 3DMark test :slight_smile: )
Game2 = Game Demo #2 in 3DMark test
Game3 = Game Demo #3 in 3DMark test

I can’t tell about the OmegaDrivers and CPU uni because i took my laptop to a computer centre they will try to fix it…