Mobile Intel(R) 915GM/GMS,910GML vs Open GL

Does anyone know a way to use Open GL on this chipset?
I am trying to run ReallySlickScreensavers (sweet!) but experiencing lots of frame rate/lagtime issues.
I heard you might be able to get around Intel by renaming your file extension from .scr to .sCr but that didn’t work for me…

The problem with integrated 3d solutions such as the i915 is that they are very bandwidth limited because of the shared memory architecture. The RS Screensaver for example seems to be VERY bandwidth demanding (all the fancy alphablending) hence the slowdowns you are seeing.

To give you some numbers: integrated solutions are usually limited to 2-4 Gb/s of bandwith and need to share that with the CPU while dedicted 3d cards easily go beyond >20-30 Gb/s of bandwidth that they can use exclusively.

To make a long story short: integrated 3d solution suck at 3d.