Mixing 2D and 1D textures.

In multi-texturing, is it okay to mix 2D and 1D textures?

eg. a 2D texture on Texture unit 0, and a 1D texture on texture unit 1.

In reference to Geforce 256 cards.



Yes, its perfectly ok. I have done this before.

Must be a bug somewhere in me code then.
Dont matter too much, using 2 2D ones for the mo.

Doing a specular test, using a vertex program at the moment.

Basically very similar to the multi-texturing and sphere mapping specular demo I did, but now I have the light circling the object, and the light position is re-loaded each frame, so that the specular effect takes account of the light position.

Looks top!!

Just cleaning up the code now, then I’m gonna upload to my website this evening.

Am I right in thinking that NV20 supports NV_VERTEX_PROGRAM in hardware? And Geforce 3, uses NV20?

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