Missunderstanding FPS cap for VK_PRESENT_MODE_FIFO_KHR

I have this question like 1 year already, from first time I try Vulkan, google give some Nvidia forums thread, where Nviida developers “confirm it bug”…and it still not fixed if it bug…

VK_PRESENT_MODE_FIFO_KHR and VK_PRESENT_MODE_MAILBOX_KHR must be capped by FPS to refresh rate, or no?
in AMD hardware it capped(in all OS)
in Nvidia it capped only in Linux, in WIndows it give 5-10k fps always


Only spec guarantee given is no tearing. And FIFO guarantees given image will be presented at least once.

Still, if they say it is bug, it probably is unintended behavior, resp. a bug. 10k FPS should not be possible with FIFO. That would soon exhaust the queue. It probably tears or discards like MAILBOX, which would be non-conformant behavior.

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