Missing Vertex-Indices


i try to write a collada loader in java. I installed the latest OpenCOLLADA exporter for 3ds max to export my models. But in the exported file the indices for the vertices are missing.

For example if i export only one triangle i get this:

    <geometry id="geom-Plane01" name="Plane01">
        <source id="geom-Plane01-positions">
          <float_array id="geom-Plane01-positions-array" count="9">-16.23616 -15.86716 0 16.23616 -15.86716 0 16.23616 15.86716 0</float_array>
            <accessor source="#geom-Plane01-positions-array" count="3" stride="3">
              <param name="X" type="float"/>
              <param name="Y" type="float"/>
              <param name="Z" type="float"/>
        <source id="geom-Plane01-map1">
          <float_array id="geom-Plane01-map1-array" count="24">0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 0 1 1 0</float_array>
            <accessor source="#geom-Plane01-map1-array" count="8" stride="3">
              <param name="S" type="float"/>
              <param name="T" type="float"/>
              <param name="P" type="float"/>
        <vertices id="geom-Plane01-vertices">
          <input semantic="POSITION" source="#geom-Plane01-positions"/>
        <triangles material="ColorMaterial" count="1">
          <input semantic="VERTEX" source="#geom-Plane01-vertices" offset="0"/>
          <input semantic="TEXCOORD" source="#geom-Plane01-map1" offset="1" set="1"/>

5 7 4</p>

As you can see there are only the indices for the texture coordinates ([b]

5 7 4</p>[/b]). I looked at the collada specification and it should be something like that [b]

0 5 1 7 2 4</p>[/b].

I also tried out the autodesk collada exporter for 3ds max and there the indices are correct.

thx Marc

I found the problem. It’s a bug in the exporter plugin. Now i have activated the export of normals an now the indices of the vertices appears in the exported file.