missing OpenGL extensions

I have an ATI All-In-Wonder 9700 Pro and am running Windows XP Pro SP1. I have been experiencing very glitchy gameplay recently, and just downloaded Battlecraft 1942 (a map editing program for Battlefield 1942). When i tried to start Battlecraft, it gave me a few errors stating that I did not have some of the OpenGL extensions the program needed. Here are the errors it gave me:

“I require the GL_ARB_texture_compression OpenGL extension to work.”

“I require the GL_EXT_texture_compression_s3tc OpenGL extension to work.”

“I require the WGL_EXT_swap_control OpenGL extension to work.”

I also downloaded the free “OpenGL Extension Viewer” and ran it. According to it, I have 0% compliance with v1.1 (0/2), 9% compliance with v1.2 (1/11), 0% compliance with v1.3, 6% compliance with v1.4, 0% with 1.5, and 0% with 2.0. I had my brother run “OpenGL Extension Viewer” on his PC, too. He has an ATI 9700 Pro (not All-In-Wonder), and hes running on Windows XP Pro (without SP1). He got 100% compliance with all versions except, i believe, v1.5 where he had 83% or so.

It couldn’t be Service Pack 1 causing this, could it? Please help me. How or where do i get these extensions? How do they get installed? Why does ATI not have any OpenGL drivers for their recent cards for download on their site?

Oh, i forgot to add that I have the most recent Catalyst drivers installed.