Missing nVidia OpenGL 2.0+

How are you? I’m new to computers & drivers in general. I need a little help finding the correct drivers for my Dell Inspiron 531s with Windows XP (64-bit).

The latest version of NVIDIA OpenGL is not compatible with my Dell Inspiron 531s (with Windows XP 64-bit). Please provide link(s) (other than http://developer.nvidia.com/object/opengl_3_driver.html) to any webpage with download-links to earlier versions of NVIDIA OpenGL? Like I mentioned before, the latest version of Open GL is not compatible with Dell Inspiron 531s, so I need to find earlier versions (or the last version that was made to work with PC’s like mine with 64-bit/Windows XP).

Thanks for your time & help, in advance.


In general:

developer.nvidia.com -> Drivers

update to the latest driver. above link is okay.

Thanks Dark Photon & YvangKwheng! I appreciate your help. I updated the driver. Thanks again for your time & help.