Missing NV bindless extensions -- strange

Any clue what would cause NV bindless extensions to not be made available by the driver on a GTX780 with supporting drivers?

I just saw the darnest thing on a system equiped with a GeForce GTX780. On a system running NV 331.67 (bindless has been supported since 185.x), glxinfo reports that all the extensions listed by the 331.62 driver on a GTX780 (on another system) are supported [b][i]except:

  • [/i]NV_vertex_buffer_unified_memory [/b]and
    * NV_shader_buffer_load.

Also, there’s a very abbreviated list of FBConfigs that are listed at the bottom (~152 vs. 228 on another GTX780 system, but with 331.62 drivers).

Continuing to try permutations now, but if anyone has a clue what the NV driver isn’t happy with, please let me know. Thanks!

It would seem having Xinerama enabled is a no-no if you want to use these extensions.

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