Missing more info about how to use <morph>

Hi! I have a question regarding how to use <morph> properly. Collada docs says that only input sources in <vertices> are morphed, but every single exporter I have tried so far only exports POSITIONS inside that tag.

This is not very nice, because in almost all cases, normals (and potentially binormals/tangents) need to be morphed too. I want to implement being able to morph more fields, but it’s not clear at all how this would work in an actual DAE file.

If VERTEX is mapped to POSITIONS , how would I know how anything else is mapped to the <vertices> tag? I can’t find much info about this (examples) and the specification isn’t clear.

Have you read about the <morph> element in the COLLADA 1.5 spec (pdf page 132)?

To declare mesh vertex attributes as elegible parts of the morph, the <input> elements must be in the <vertex> element. If you think that tools you are using can support full morphing, but don’t import/export it correctly, then report a bug to the tool’s vendor or developer.