Missing links using book tutorial code in VS2015 and CodeBlocks

I have begun “Learning Modern 3D Graphics Programming” by Jason L. McKesson. The tutorial code is maintained online, and it uses a .zip file name of Alphonse, the same name of the response to the old thread given below. Anyways, to reiterate the problem, missing links occurred for debug and release builds when using VS2015 or CodeBlocks. I properly used premake4 to prebuild and create all make files for each solution/workspace. I have previously written two separate programs where I successfully got 1.x and 3.x working without using third party libraries. This is my first time using libraries, so that might be the issue. I am worried that the book and old code might not be usable after the changes to discrete graphics APIs and Windows 10. The image below shows the errors given by CodeBlocks.

A 3 year old thread that posed the same problem is here:

Image of the CodeBlocks error messages:


i dont know all the libs you use, but basicly the prozess with libs is always the same…
i explained it in one of my wrkshops … maybe you wanne check the codeblocks settings in thisone: