Missing Headers

Hi, I’m working on building some source code I was given. I am missing two headers that are referenced, that were not included with the source.

#include “GLES2.h”
#include “SWGL.h”

I have looked through the Khronos site, and through the repos, but I can’t find them. Does anyone have any tips as to where they might exist? I apologize if I overlooked them. Thanks for any help you can provide.

Neither of those look like names of official OpenGL header files. You can find the ones for OpenGL ES 2.0 on the OpenGL ES Registry.

I don’t find the names very descriptive so it’s hard to guess what they could contain. Perhaps if you comment out the include statements and look at the identifiers the compiler flags as undeclared you could get a better idea what was in those headers and where they might come from.