missing glut.h in Linux

I’m trying to compile a code in Linux, but I get an error that it can’t find glut.h

I checked the folder where glut.h should be but it’s not there. Can I use a glut.h from a windows file that I’ve used with VS 6. Or do I need another file with the libs and header files. Any help on this will be appreciated.

You can just download the GLUT package and get all the files you are missing from there, GLUT is also included with Mesa (at least part of it), but make sure you get a header file that matches your version of glut.


Hi !

The glut.h that you are using with VC6 should be the same as for Linux, but it is possible that it uses CRLF endings on each line, it might look a bit ugly in a Linux editor in that case, but it should work anyway.