Missing gluax.h

Hello All,
I’m a newbie to opengl trying to get up and running using kdevelop and QT’s QGLWidget. I’ve created a simple box I can roll around in space:-) Now I’m trying to apply a texture. My Load Texture function returns a AUX_RGBImageRec which causes a problem at compile time. Seems I need to include glaux.h. I can’t find this file anywhere on my system. The system is Fedora Core 1 with Mesa removed and NVidia drivers installed. Did I break something when I removed Mesa? I couldn’t get the NVidia drivers to work without removing it.


I don’t have it either in my /usr/include/GL folder, Im also on fedora. I thought I heard that it was outdated (glaux.h)

glaux.h is pretty old and considered outdated so it would be better to not use it. As you are already using Qt for your application why don’t use its included image functions to load a bitmap or even a jpeg or png file? I didn’t check how it’s exactly done but it’s certainly possible…

QImage* tex = new QImage(“texture.bmp”);
tex->bits() returns the picture data etc…

Simply check QImage in the Qt documentation.



I figured it out.
Apparently glut was a replacement for glaux and freeglut replaced that, plus as you say QT has a class that takes care of the task


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