Missing data structures

Where can I find source code for FPoint and FMatrix data structures? I need them to compile
my Collada importer/exporter.

I see they are derived from 3dsmax IGame, but this is no good. I need the source code
for these structures and their functions.

#include “IGame/IGameType.h”
typedef Point3 FPoint;
class FMatrix : public GMatrix

Hi Ray,

The FS import classes have to work with both Maya and Max. They both define their own matrix and vector classes. These are mostly incompatible, so the route that was taken was to abstract a type above these: FPoint and FMatrix. If you look at the source code for these in the 3dsMax COLLADA tools, you’ll see that their purpose is solely to interface with the 3dsMax matrix and point structures.

I’m assuming your own engine/tool has the matrix and point classes, so what you need to do is create the corresponding FPoint and FMatrix interface classes that implement the basic functionalities needed by the FS import classes.

If you don’t have matrix/point classes, then I suggest you look on nVidia’s or Intel’s website. You’ll still need to write the interfacing functions, though.