mirror transformations

I have been playing around with mirrors off and on for the past few months, but still haven’t got all cases to work correctly. I’m having trouble with the transformations for mirroring across an arbitrary plane.

Currently, my code finds the closest cardinal axis to the plane’s normal. it the finds the matrix that will rotate the normal to that cardinal axis. i use that rotation on the world, then scale the world across the cardinal axis. I then have to compensate for the rotation (yaw and pitch) of the eye. This works for some, but not all of the various mirror planes that I have tried so far.

I think that this method is not a real robust one, and would like to replace it with a better one. I just don’t know what that ‘better method’ is.

Can anyone help?


The formula there assumes a plane in point/normal representation, it should be straightforward to adapt to other representations…

Thanks for the link. It should help a lot.