I’m trying to use mip mapping. I load up 5 maps (1x1, 2x2, 4x4, 8x8, 16x16) and everything works fine but then when I add a 32x32 map I start getting like a spot of black shaded faces that moves around with the cam (and faces smoothly turn to black even though lighting is off). Anyone saw that before ?

is there maybe a problem with the 32x32 texture? if you turn off mipmapping and just load the 32x32 texture, does it work?

have you ported it to another environment if one is available (or run it on a machine with different hardware & drivers), just to double check your driver?

Never seen that. Are you loading the lod textures in the right order? e.g. Level 0:N x M, Level 1: N/2 x M/2, Level 2: N/4 x M/4, and so on to Level J: N/N x M/M, where J=ln(max(N,M))/ln(2).

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