Mipmapping on a GeForce 2

I’ve got some problems when I try to perform mipmapping
on my GeForce 2, but I don’t really known if it comes from
the graphic card or from the software.
I use some display lists, textured with textures which may change
in the time. It perfectly works when I use simple texturing, but
I’ve got some problems when I try to use mipmapping, either manually
(glTexImage2D…) or thanks to gluBuild2DMipmaps.
Concretely, some textures seem to be used when they should not.
It can even occur for intermediate levels of mipmapping, leading to
a continuous strange fading between two textures.
I’ve spent hours verifying texture names management and
synchronization (some threads load textures to memory,
but don’t send them to OpenGL). No result.

Did somebody encounter something like that before ?
I thank him for any clue.

I’m using Detonator3 drivers with AGP 2x.