I’ve been OpenGL coding for a few months now, and i decided to read the “Redbook” documentation, and it says that when you are specifying mipmaps with glTexImage2D(), that you have to create images ranging from the largest size to 1x1

Is it NECESSARY to specify it down to 1x1 ??, or can you just specify, lets say only 2 different versions of the image, and not actually go down to 1x1 ?

Is this possible, or does it just display nothing when you reach the stage where it needs the 1x1 image??

Thanks for any help

"The OpenGL Graphics System: A Specification, Mipmapping ":

If texturing is enabled (and TEXTURE_MIN_FILTER is one that requires a mipmap) at the time a primitive is rasterized and if the set of (mipmap) arrays 0 through (max. level) p is incomplete, based on the dimensions of array 0, then it is as if texture mapping were disabled.