Mipmap level for a render target

Hello all,

I am a newbie in EGL and English.
What is "mipmap level of eglSurfaceAttrib in EGL?
I can’t find any description of this parameter in the specification.
So I tried to find about mipmap level and then I found FrameBuffer Object(FBO) at the GLES Extension spec.

Is the mipmap level described in FrameBuffer Object same with the mipmap level described in eglSurfaceAttrib of EGL?
So When it does, it is necessary to specify the mipmap level which is specified by eglSurfaceAttrib for a render target in eglMakeCurrent?

Please help me about this process.
Thank a lot.

If you create a pbuffer with the EGL_MIPMAP_TEXTURE attribute set, you can render to each individual mipmap level. You can use eglSurfaceAttrib to change which mipmap level to render to. EGL_MIPMAP_LEVEL defaults to 0, so you only have to set it if you need to render to one of the lower mipmap levels.

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