MilkShape 3D...

I need the registration code of MilkShape 3D … 1.4.4 or 1.4.5… Please…

My email is…

Many many thx

Here’s a thought… buy it and you’ll get a registration code.

This isn’t a warez board, and I don’t think you’ll get much help here.

Don’t have money!!!

Originally posted by doh82:
Don’t have money!!!

Blender is free.

Try 8->

Go get some money then. It shouldn’t take you long… you only need $20 US.

If u can buy a computer

$2500 - new
$500 - Second hand

why is it u cant afford a $20 i dont care where u live or what currency the difference isnt a lot.


I’ve never looked at Milkshape3d, but $20 doesn’t sound bad at all. You could probably talk mommy and daddy into buying that for you.

I wonder how can developpers STILL ask for serials. If you would have make a professionnal software, would you like ppl stealing it from you? I doubt it, go buy it

There are countries where 20$ iz a great money. I live in such one. Ukraine. Non-warez products are extremly rare here. People buy disks with several commercial programs(Win2k+NU+…) for 1.70$.
I hate when people make there disgusting little programs shareware,hoping that someone will give them 10-20$. NoBody can steal my apps because they are PublicDomain.
People sorry for this post with complete offtopic. I was little bit frustrated.

["Nothing in my life is free"Korn]

RandyU, sorry if you were offended. It’s great if you want to make your program public domain. Just because you do that, though, you can’t blame people who charge for their work. Some people do this for a living and the last I checked, grocery stores didn’t work on the public domain idea.

I found it!!

It is really sad when a person decides to steal something when he had other freely available options.

Yeah, but he wouldn’t have bought it anyway, so it isn’t stealing, right?