microsoft opengl

I have some confusing problems.
what is the relationship between the opengl32.dll
and video card device driver?

Suppose I have installed the new device driver,
then will it chang the file opengl32.dll?

I have installed the Intel 82865G graphics.
But when I inquiry the information by using the functin glGetString about the vendor, it still says “Microsoft Corp.”, and the render is “GDI Generatic”. It is very confusing.

The video card driver does not replace the opengl32.dll, as there is a licensing agreement between microsoft and the rest. Instead, opengl32.dll automatically transfers all calls to the video driver. This is to the first part of the question.
As to the second part - here I can’t help you. The only think I know that Intel graphics solutions are not known for good OpenGL support.
Try posting on Intel support forums…

Get GLinfo from

The actual vendor driver is loaded at runtime by opengl32.dll

Thanks a lot.
Does this mean that the opengl upgrading
has nothing to do with Microsoft, i.e,
Microsoft can keep the opengl32.dll same
while the video card vendor can keep on
upgrading their driver.Thanks.
Jing Wang


If it says, “Microsoft Corp” and “GDI generic”, then either the drivers are not properly installed or you aren’t getting an accelerated pixel format.
It should be something like “Intel Corp” and “Intel 82865G”
OpenGL32.dll is a system component of Windows. Do not replace it.

Is “opengl32.dll” placed in the application folder along with the EXE? If so, rename it or move it elsewhere. Programs will pick it up and run in software mode (GDI Generic). If it doesn’t find the DLL it will use whatever drivers are installed.

i have intel randed pc but PCIHOOK is not allowing opengGL . anyhelp??? :frowning:

What is a PCIHOOK ?

And what is Intel randed ?