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I’ve coded in Win32, but I decided to port my project to mfc (say… oops ) Anyway, I got some starting up problems. I let VC generate my project and add a InternetExplorer ReBar. But in the ReBar I can’t catch any events (or anywhere else for that matter). I got this error…

“IDR_MAINFRAME (English (U.S.)) is a new resource. Since it is a dialog resource you probably want to create a new class for it. You can also select an existing class”

At first I decided to create a new class… However it seemed like VC didn’t use these classes at all. I decided to select the class CMainFrame (which IS the correct class if I am not mistaking)… anyway, that didn’t work out either (“Isn’t a dialog…”)

Anyone know how to tame this beast ?

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I don’t know your code but the events of the Rebar can be caught by the CMainFrame or by the view (if you use document view support).
Anyway create an SDI or MDI with Doc/view support and look at the way that CMainFrame initializes the toolbar (I think it’s the same with the rebar). As far as I remember it is createed at the runtime. Hope it helps!


So there is no way possible to use the classwizard ?