MFC:OpenGL in two MDI windowses

I wrote MDI application where two windowses are used to render with OpenGL.Each window is derived from CMDIChildWnd and each one has a view window derived from CWnd. The problem is that when i open first window everything is ok but when i open second window the first window is not repainted properly when resized.(the original image is the same size and image from secon windows comes to the first).
Is there is any example how to create several windowses with MFC and draw separately in each one.MDI is not necessary it can be several windowses without any frame window.

What does it mean not repainting properly? Could you post functions OnCreate(), OnSize(), OnEraseBkgnd() and OnDraw() from the class C<whatever>View? Where does GL rendering context reside? The pixel format of the window (C<whatever>View) must match GL RC. I also hope that you have used a wizard to create the project, or problems can be various.