MFC,MDI framework and OpenGL

I’d like to create a simple cad application using mfc and open gl. I’ve performed a search on this site and the web but only find finished examples and ‘sparse’ tutorials.
I have a good understanding of c++ and oop and I’m sure I could handle the opengl coding ok, I’ve also played with the scribble tut with visual c++ and have a reasonable idea whats going on.
I guess what I would like to know is how to set up a basic frame work to start using opengl and add functionality as I go along (dlgs and t/bars etc)using the wizards etc.
Or, does anyone know of a good tut that ‘explains’ whats going on and why, not just ‘type this in’ or ‘have a look at this’, these types of tut’s are good if you have a good grounding in mfc etc!( I tend to get lost in all ‘their’ code).
Any help appreciated.

I have the opengl mdi app but code in original win32 api.If you need, please drop me a email.
However, you can vey well develop the app all by yourselves.once you can allocate the hdc and hglrc for any window and grasp the process of create a gl window in the win32 environmenet.I believe you can do it whenever you begin to do .Remember you have to use wglMakeCurrent() once the new window created.

Good Luck