mfc app

Hi…just starting with openGL, although I’ve done lots of GDI programming. To familiarize myself with all of the functions, I started creating a world (actually the house I grew up in) based on a Nehe tutorial. I’ve been changing the program to allow me to dynamically position and resize shapes and textures. Now I can select objects on the screen, stretch them, move them etc…, kind of like a CADD program.

Anyway, before I get too carried away with this, does anyone know if there’s software already out there that does this stuff? I would think there has to be. Either way, I’m making this just to learn anyway, but it seems pretty useful already.


I think you are thinking about a map editor, like those used to create world maps for quake, unreal, etc. These editors can let you import other objects from 3D editors or create the objects inside the editor.

You may want to look around at 3D engines like use to play quake, unreal, or some other 3D engine and see which one has the features you like. Then look for an editor that supports the engines map format.

And there is nothing wrong in creating your own 3d editor, a good learning tool.