Metrowerks Codewarrior and GLUT

I am having using glut with codewarrior, maybe because its an old version maybe not. Anyway, glut gl programs never feel like compiling because of one error i get everytime…and thats the missing winmain16 function, anywyay to fix this somehow?

Make sure you’ve linked the glut32.lib in with your project.


It’s there

Try creating a console-based project, not a win32 project.

Win32 apps require WinMain, but console projects just require main().


under your linker settings set the subSystem to Windows CUI not the GUI.

If that doesn’t take care of it send me mail and I can give further assistance…I know sometimes it can be a pain but I have several projects that do just what you’re after so it can be done

Later, Guy

ugh… I’ve had to do that before… try asking thats the right mail address, he works for them and contributes to their help boards very often)… also, there are a few sites that say how to do it(I’ve forgotten how)…

Pretty much, just search around/ask this guy, and once you do it make an application stationary so you never have to do it again(its a pain)…

Edit: ahh, here is a site that says how(except I didn’t have the luxury of a pre-made project)…

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