MeshViewer 2002 - Free demo

Hello everyone,

I have released my opengl demo called MeshViewer at:

Please try it!


Your demo seems stable and the conversion from verml to stl and back doesn’t crash… I do have a few comments though.

  1. The material transparency option is grayed out.
  2. The color(s) of the model changes randomly when I re-import it, sometimes making the model a swirl of different colors.
  3. The rotatation scheme is really akward… I like being able to set the center of rotation but it would be a lot easier to freely rotate with the mouse rather than clicking x,y,z buttons or typing in the rotation vector.
  4. Why the limit of 100,000 polys?
  5. Good job, this looks like a promising utility.

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I forgot to mention this. In the readme.txt file there is a note to manipulate views:

F1 - Pan
F2 - Zoom
F3 - Rotate
F4 - “Empty”
F5 - Reset
F9 - Deselect All

You can import several models at the same time, as long they don’t pass 100 000 tri. That’s why they have diferent colours.

There are still some bugs, that I am trying to eliminate. I know, it does not import certain VRML files.

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No comments?

A aplicação parece muito fixe meu… Continua…

(the application looks cool, keep going)

KRONOS: Obrigado.

Chromebender: The limitations you point out are true but this is just my first demo and am trying to improve on this.