MeshViewer 2002 DEMO

Hello everyone,
I have released my opengl demo called MeshViewer at:

Please try it!

I forgot to mention this. In the readme.txt file there is a note to
manipulate views:
F1 - Pan
F2 - Zoom
F3 - Rotate
F4 - “Empty”
F5 - Reset
F9 - Deselect All

You can import several models at the same time, as long they don’t
pass 100 000 tri. That’s why they have diferent colours.

There are still some bugs, that I am trying to eliminate. I know, it
does not import certain VRML files.


great work…
Very nice

Very nice work… I Like it a lot…

I have repaired the VRML import. Please give me some feedback on this.