Mesh variants (multiple meshes) on GLTF

Hi there,

I am upgrading the jewelry configurator system for my company and need to understand how to extend GLTF for our needs.

Imagine a very simple ring, composed of several geometries: (1) the circular band, (2) a central stone with claws, (3) and small stones on the band. We have 2 variations of (1), 8 variations of (2), and (3) is only used with the second variation of (1). Is it possible to integrate all this into a single GLTF file? If so, can you guide me on what to learn?

Something similar to the material variants (June 2021), but for meshes. In fact we are not interested in textures for the moment because the materials are handled by three.js + other APIs. We work with parametric models so that depending on the parameters chosen by the customer a different combination of geometries is shown. It is a mess to organize this in separate files, most of our models are much more complicated than the example above, although their management is automatable. It is also undesirable to create a private system to assemble meshes because we want to offer this as a service and we need to be as close as possible to the standards.

Is it possible to get in touch with one of your 3d commerce group to collaborate in this development? I saw in the 2021 webinar that mesh variants is on the roadmap. We have been needing this for years so it would be good to collaborate.


My understanding is that a glTF file already can store multiple named, independent meshes (and an entire scene, for that matter, with different nodes able to refer to the same mesh if you so desire). How you go about rendering one or more of these meshes is ultimately a matter between you, your glTF renderer, and whatever tool produced the glTF file.

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