mesh parametrization

Hi there

I’m working on a mesh parametrization program, and although I mastered the “Graph Embedding” method, I don’t know what to do with the other two desired methods :
mean Value

I’ve been looking for a written text which explains it better than mine, but couldn’t find any.

Do you have a good,simple explanation of how should I implement those methods?(or a link to one)

I don’t understand which angles you take into consideration - and what’s the bit about triangle area - My text is very unclear.


For mean value, check out these two papers:
M. S. Floater, Mean value coordinates, Comp. Aided Geom. Design 20 (2003), 19-27.
M. S. Floater, Parametrization and smooth approximation of surface triangulations, Comp. Aided Geom. Design 14 (1997), 231-250

For harmonic map, check out this paper:
M. Eck, T. DeRose, T. Duchamp, H. Hoppe, M. Lounsbery, and W. Stuetzle, Multiresolution analysis of arbitrary meshes, Proceedings of
SIGGRAPH, 1995, 173-182.