Mesh Merging

I’m looking for a tutorial, or codeblock, that will combine two meshes. For example, I define an area on one mesh where I’d like to attach it to the surface of another mesh. Then I drag the first mesh onto the surface of the other mesh, and it combines them. I’ve read that Delaunay Triangulation can be used for this, I’m searching for a good example/tutorial.

This is completely off topic, and Delaunay triangulation is for something else, but the interactive program meshmixer will probably do what you need.

  • Andreas

You may be interested in this source code:

which does in fact use Delaunay triangulation…

However it is much longer than what could be considered a ‘codeblock’. What you are describing is rather complicated.

Yes, I’ve spoken with the man who made Mesh-Mixer. It is open-source, but there’s so much code, I don’t even know where to begin.

I’m not trying to reinvent the wheel here, but I thought that if I could learn how to merge meshes myself, it might be easier than chopping up his program.

I think it is an inherently difficult problem you are trying to solve, which is why I rejected Delaunay triangulation although I can see it can be part of the solution. No single algorithm will work. You need to cut both meshes and stitch the boundaries.

Probably the example linked to above by RMS is your best bet…