Mesh-deformation skeleton

Hi every one.
Well, have you any tip about building a mesh-deformation skeleton ? ( i.e. a skeleton linked to a triangular mesh which is deformed when the skeleton move )
I’ve spend so much time looking around for that, but I’ve found nothing… :<

If you find some intereting link, would you please send it to me ???

Thx. (i’ll send you a link if i find one)

Not sure how good this is, but here is one link I found:


The fisrt link is exactly what I was looking for, I gonna take lake to the src, but the picture look nice…
Thanks guy…c u soon

Hmm, are you sure the second link isn’t the one you want? I mean, when I followed the second link, it jumped me to some Blob Modeling thing ( Nov 1999 )…but if you go down one month, to Oct 1999, they have a full body mesh and it looks like they have a skeletal system for deformation. Anyway, don’t discount that one…it might be helpful.

Good luck.

excuse me, that’s right, the second topic was in fact very good… I made a mistake the fist time I had a look on it, but you’re right, it’s pretty useful. In fact, the whole site is cool…