Mesa3D Driver for Win32

hi 2 everyone

i want to learn the full OpenGL-feature set. but my current video card just supports OpenGL 1.3. so, i compiled the mesa3D-7.0.3, with Intel C/C++ Comiler 10. the build gives me the following files, with their respective import libs:

  • opengl32.dll
  • glu32.dll
  • osmesa32.dll

so how i can use these file to create an OpenGL ICD, for switch beetwen OpenGL software(mesa) and hardware(my old card) drivers from my application at runtime?

Not exactly runtime, but can be useful : first rename the 2 gl dll to *.dll.mesa and put all 3 files to the folder of your executable (here named myprog.exe). Inside it, create these 2 batch files :

copy opengl32.dll.mesa opengl32.dll
copy glu32.dll.mesa glu32.dll

delete opengl32.dll
delete glu32.dll

Edit: for clarification, you only need the 3 dlls, and forget about the import libs from mesa, just use the default GL ones.
See and use GLEE or GLEW to simplify all the extensions loading stuff.

Unless you have a laptop, you can probably upgrade to something like a Geforce 6200. Just choose the right bus (AGP ?).
Not sure of the price in Chile, but they seem to be around 30 dollars. And it will be really easier to do GLSL, etc.

a painless solution.

i will need money to make the stuff more easy then.


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