Mesa source code: where are the nurbs surface/curve evaluation function implemented?

I downloaded the Mesa source code. In opengl there is built in support for nurbs curves and surfaces. Where are those (file?) implemented in Mesa? I can’t seem to find them…
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OpenGL evaluators implement this functionality.

You need to trace what happens with a call to glEvalCoord*

glEnable(GL_MAP2_VERTEX_3) & variants are relevant.

glMap2* & variants are relevant.

Tracing the code behind these entry points should lead you to the bezier calculations in Mesa.

dorbie, you say that this should lead me to bezier calculations in mesa… are b-splines and nurbs calculated with beizer functions? I thought these were different…?

Only Bezier is supported.

i think Nurbs are implemented in the GLU library, that should either comes with the mesa source, or you should be able to find an SGI implementation of it (that now is opensource)