Mesa libs go where?

do i have to unzip from a specific directory? i downloaded the MesaLib-3.5.tar.gz and (as the supervisor) i unzipped it using tar from the desktop.
then i typed “./configure” and it did some things.
then i typed “make” and something else happened.
then i typed “make install” and it said “no rule to make target install. Stop.”
it seems like the glut.h and gl.h, etc. files are in place, but none of the mesa lib’s are there. i know i’m doing something wrong, can anyone tell me what it is? do need to tell mesa where to put itself?

thanks for some advice
… lost

It was a long time since I did it but I think you have followed the proper procedure. The error message seems to say that no install target is in the makefile. I think you can move to the subdirectory and execute the command from there.

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