Mesa 3.5 & HW Acceleration


can somebody tell me whether Mesa 3.5 supports hardware acceleration under Windows, i.e. will Mesa use my graphic card vendor’s OpenGL driver or will it fall back to software rendering?
And what about extensions, especially inofficial extensions like NV_VERTEX_ARRAY, are they supported?


You may want to visit:…viewcvs-markup…viewcvs-markup

So after all, does this mean not really? Or am I missing something? I’ve just read about DX6 support (no mipmaps etc. and DX6 is a bit outdated) and support for 3dfx.

So let me ask my question a bit more precisely: May MESA work as a substitue for opengl32.dll if Microsoft is not going to release opengl 1.2. Most of the current driver do implement the 1.2 features but these are available as extensions only. If MESA used these drivers why not switch to MESA?

If you want the latest implementation of OpenGL, download the latest drivers for your video card. If your card manufactor’s website doesnt have the latest OpenGL version, then Mesa is a practical alternative.