Merry Christmas, everybody, hope to learn more from this great site in 2001!

Now this is the kind of thread we need more of…

Merry Christmas (or whatever holiday you prefer to celebrate) and a Happy New Year to everyone here from all of us at NVIDIA!

We wish you the best in graphics and in OpenGL goodness in the year ahead – and do we ever have great stuff coming up this next year!

  • Matt

Lol, if Matt was serious in the last message, then he was drunk!

Merry Christmas (Happy Holidays)


Oh, come on, I wasn’t drunk, I was serious! Just being a little stupid, that’s all.

  • Matt

rockin blues in B

im gonna rock im gonna roll
im gonna piss out the window
im gonna party
all night long

im gonna fall down
im gonna get up
im gonna puke on the carpet
gonna party all night long

(double time in the key of E)
and when the pigs come knocking at me door
gonna spit on their heads
cause i dont want no trouble makers around here
creating no friggin disturbance!

Try this code:


Originally posted by softland_gh:
[b]Try this code:



Too many greetings to OGL, might cause stack overflow error

Merry Christmas to you too

softland_gh: LOL

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Originally posted by haigu:
[b] CARE!!!
Too many greetings to OGL, might cause stack overflow error


Ok then lets try:


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You guys are crazy.

Anyway, I second Matt’s Merry Christmas from NVIDIA!

I wonder if we’ll hear many references to Arthur C. Clarke’s 2001: A Space Odyssey this new year’s eve? At least no Y2K bugs to worry about.

Happy new millennium too!


I guess you are all on holidays while I am waiting for the bell in the office…

Anyway, Merry Christmas to all of you (a bit late) and Happy New Year (a bit early) !