How do you incorporate menu’s into glut??
I need an answer fast!!!

Are you shure it’s possible? Look decumentation. I haven’t found something like menus there.

Yeah, you can have menus. They aren’t like a Microsoft Word drop-down menu though. They’re right mouse button pop-up menus. I haven’t used them for a long time, but the NVIDIA SDK demos do. Either check in there for some examples or use and look for “GLUT documentation” or check out the documentation that came with GLUT if you downloaded the source and all.

Hope that helps.

You can’t have menus???
Wow…no I don’t want the right click-pop up kind…I want the drop down ones…

Can’t I use something like
menu_bar = XmCreateMenuBar(form, “menu_bar”, NULL, 0);

Like in glx???

There used to be a couple of others PLUI and possibly GLIB.