Memory leaks

I’m using DOM 1.4.1 to export a COLLADA file. I use the following code:

DAE *dae_object = new DAE;

// …

dae_object->getDatabase()->insertCollection(name, &collection);
domCOLLADA domRoot = (domCOLLADA)collection->getDomRoot();

// Add with domRoot->createAndPlace(…)
// …

delete dae_object;

The exporter is a separate plug-in DLL. When I exit the application I get a lot of memory leaks. These are not from my application since if I don’t call the collada code I don’t get them.

Actually all I need to do to get them is to just create the DAE object and call delete and cleanup on it.

Are there other clean up functions to be called?


There is already a topic addressing this (further down this page actually):

Are you using the DOM that is packaged as DOM1.1.0?

I don’t remember for sure but I believe that all of the memory leak issues have been fixed but a new package hasn’t been released yet. If you get the current DOM from the sourceforge SVN they should be fixed.


Yeah, I’ve checked out the latest version and all are gone. Thanks