Memory leak; valgrind points to libGL...

I have a memory leak. When I run valgrind, it tells me that the memory was allocated somewhere deep within my OpenGL libraries, I am using the nVidia proprietary driver.

Operating under the base assumption that the leak is something that I am doing (or not undoing, as it were) in my code, I am curious, what are commonly used functions that do allocs? My code is rather simple, it reads in YUV frames and converts it to RGB for display… it’s quite similar to the source found in

If anybody has any ideas, plz post.

Thank you much


My code has encountered a similar issue. Actually, I managed to cause a crash on exit by trying to use the WGL_gpu_affinity extension to request contexts for multiple GPUs at once. But even without that, valgrind has been pointing at memory leaks in libGL for a while now.

So long as you glDelete everything you glGen, you should be fine. It’s probably a driver bug.