Memory issues on armv7 and armv7s

I’ve just build the OpenCollada library onto armv7, armv7s and arm64. The arm64 seems to be working a treat but the armv7 and armv7s keep throwing EXC_ARM_DA_ALIGN errors.

These occurred in GeneratedSaxParserParserTemplate.h line 733 (I think) with the code:

typedBuffer[0] = fragmentData;

I had to make it a memcpy:

memcpy(&(typedBuffer[0]), &fragmentData, sizeof(fragmentData));

Which appears to work, I also had to make the adjustment at other points.
line 764:

memcpy(&(typedBuffer[dataBufferIndex]), &dataValue, sizeof(dataValue));

LibraryEffectsLoader::handleColorData I had to change the way it was getting the data from the float array to:


Those changes worked for a while but other models started throwing the same issue in COLLADABUURI.cpp so I’m wondering if there is something else afoot, probably with the way I’m building the libs?

Any help would be appreciated

Kind Regards

Carl Anderson


After much searching I have found that the URI error was caused by the memcpy, so back to square one.

I tried some different sizeof() values, copying from the creation of the data objects but with no luck.

Has anyone else had success with OpenCollada on armv7 / armv7s or have any idea what may be wrong?

Kind Regards

Carl Anderson