Memory allocation for Wndows XP OpenGL app


I’m rendering some complicated city scene and I have a lot of geometry “on the air” while rendering. My question is - what is the upper limit of memory allocated in my application what will make my OpenGL application work and respond to user navigation and input fast?

(Average PC RAM of user will be at least 2G, and I must assume that most of the users will keep other application open at the same time - like Office, browser…etc)

Thanks in advance

Define : fast ?

I would say : increase allocated memory while frame rendering is quick enough, otherwise decrease allocated memory.
Exact values will depend on what is currently used on the PC, how is optimized the OpenGL driver, the size of the VRAM …

If you want a value, my Oracle says 1Go.

Fast I mean - for example usual industry game speed.

But thanks, your answer was enough for me - I will go with

and try to not exceed 700-800M

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