Media clock updates

Section of the OpenMAX IL specification mentions:

“A clock component sends a client a media time update, as either the fulfillment of a request or a scale change notification, over its clock port via the following structure …”

It is not clear exactly how this structure is sent to clients. Is it sent as data on the clock port? Or is it sent by the SetConfig API (but in that case, I can’t find a Config Index corresponding to the OMX_TIME_MEDIATIMETYPE structure).

Maybe this is because some parts of the specification refer to a Clock Ports section. And this section is apparently missing from the document.

Another problem in the clock structures is that the following two data members store the same data but have conflicting types


  - nClientPrivate member of OMX_TIME_MEDIATIMETYPE

I have almostly the same question:

Reference 6.2.6:
“The renderers and audio decoder are clients of the clock component (connected on their respective clock ports).”

How do the renderers connect to the clock ports of the clock component, and how do the clock component send its update notification to its clients.