me = noob, having issues compiling window

I am learning open gl from a tutorial at:

i finished making the window but i get an error :cannot find file when i compile

i’ve tried getting those header files but no matter what i do i can’t get them in the right directory. what must be done? i haven’t seen much with regards to xp, all NT, so maybe it’s somehow related to windows xp? i have no idea, and help would be appreciated for me the noob.

You need to put the include files in the include directory or edit your include path to list the directory location where they are.

Or you could just use #include “” instead of #include <> and specify an explicit path all the way to the file if you’re really struggling.

Include paths, files & linking are very basic compiler issues so you should try to get a good understanding of this before progressing further.

Understand that <gl/gl.h> requires that gl.h be in a subdirectory called gl below the include path.

What compiler are you using?
And are you sure you downloaded the correct tutor for your compiler. nehe has versions of his tutors for diffrent compilers and operating systems.

i’m using visual c++ 6.0. thx for the help with the include file locations, i will try that when next i get a chance.

Don’t overwrite the header files. I think that whatever version of Visual C++ 6.0 you’ve got should already have the headers in the correct place. It’s just that they’re really old (moucard wishes: anybody at microsoft listening?). Also in taking a better look, if you’ve not mistyped it in the forum, you write That should be gl/gl.h. Hope that helps.