MDI and texturing problem?

Hello all

I have an app (MDI) written in VC++, each view is a Glview, and I do use texture a lot (2D texturing). The problem is that after I open a few of them, two black stripes appears running in the bottom and left side of the view. The only thing that gets drawn in those strips are line primitives, no text, and no textured quads. The strips grow bigger as I open more windows, even one of the views that is a third party class shows the same behavior. All the objects that are in that black are are actually there, the mouse pointer shows that, it is just that are black, or not get drawn at all. The lines there does not get erased, even though I clear the buffer every half a second.

Have any one see this before?..any sugestion on how to solve it…or what can be causing this?

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I have developed a bunch of MDI applications using MFC and OpenGL… I never had this problem…

Either there is a problem in you code or your graphics card drivers have got a problem. What type of card are you using ?

If you want, you can e-mail me a sample code of the problem for checking.




I’m using the Microsoft generic render, the code is just too big to send it to you…
Any idea of what could cause that to happen?

There are posts about the problem of two black strips at the bottom and the right side of the view. Mostly, it happens on PCs with ATI’s old video cards, although your problem is bit different.